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SuperDinky offers premature and NICU baby clothes with a difference.

Founded by a neonatal nurse and a preemie mama, we know what neonatal babies need.


​All our products are designed specifically for babies requiring

medical intervention in a neonatal unit.​​


Wrap designs (patent pending) so they don't have to be pulled overhead


Approved by neonatal nurses in the NHS


Easy to remove for medical observations 


Super soft fabrics for sensitive skin


Joyful prints to bring a little colour and personality


No harsh velcro or jumpy metal poppers

“The fabric feels lovely and it's fab that it can be taken on and off without going over the head.”

- parent of premature baby, 2021

“I love that there is no thick hem or seam and it's so soft, it's perfect!”

- neonatal nurse, 2022

“I love it! It is great for all sizes of babies with leads and cannula in situ, plus it looks really beautiful on!”

- neonatal nurse, 2022

Our NICU vests

We offer joyful, ethical, gender neutral vests that are designed specifically for babies requiring medical intervention in a neonatal unit and therefore may not be able to be fully dressed yet. They can still be used under a babygro when your baby is feeling better. Our vests give you the opportunity to give your baby a little bit of home while they are in hospital, made and given with love.


premature baby vest with wrap perfect for tiny babies who are in NICU or SCBU hospitals

Made from super soft GOTS certified 100% organic cotton which is gentle on the skin.

They do not have inside seams, bulky thick hems or edges full of chunky velcro pads. These can be awkward and uncomfortable when a baby is breastfeeding, on their side or tummy (prone - only when in hospital).

They do not have metal poppers that can startle small babies when they are pulled open. No inside labels to irritate or over stimulate. Non toxic, vegan ink used on back neck info.

Our vests are wraps (like a soft towel) therefore do not need to be taken over the head (like a jumper). This makes them perfect if your baby/babies are on a ventilator, CPAP or nasal prong oxygen.

Happy Babies

Designed by a neonatal nurse and premmie mama; our items are loved by NHS staff, NICU/SCBU parents and our dinky babies.

Quick postage


We offer free mainland UK next day delivery.

International shipping available.

Organic & Plastic Free


All made from super soft 100% organic cotton,

kind to babies' skin & good for our environment.

Made in the UK


Designed and handmade in the UK.  Every item is made with love.

tom no text  v2-100.jpg


If you look carefully inside every SuperDinky item you will find a tiny friendly octopus hiding.


When my son was born early (31 weeks), he was given a tiny crocheted octopus to stop him pulling out his monitoring wires and cannulas. During the period when my son remained in hospital and I had been discharged, I imagined this friendly octopus was a little friend who kept my tiny baby company overnight. This gave me comfort during seperation anxiety and the octopus became a symbol of our prematurity journey. When Beth and I started SuperDinky we wanted a smiley octopus buddy to keep your dinky one’s company too.


Our octopus is very special. We have named him Tom in deep loving memory of a very special little boy, who is always loved and always missed. Tom died suddenly aged 20 months (not premature birth related). Beth's first daughter Abi also spent many years in and out of hospital as a baby and small child following gastro surgery aged 10 weeks. Tom (& Abi) are the reason Beth became a nurse.

In his loving memory we commit to supporting premature parents on their journey, raising money to help fund prematurity support and research, and to donating end of life outfits to neonatal units for babies who don’t come home.

We know how hard it can be for parents to have a baby on NICU.

SuperDinky is building a community of support for parents going through the prematurity journey so that together we can bring accurate bite-size information, comfort and positivity to each other. Visit our Parents Room for more. 

Lorna & Beth x 

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