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Help! I’ve just had a premature baby. What do I need to know?
Visit our Parents Room to find articles on all the info you might need.

What is the best gift for a premature baby?
Some neonatal units prefer not to have cuddly toys in the incubator for infection reasons. A SuperDinky vest or hat would be the perfect gift. Ours are made to work with wires and tubes and are neonatal nurse approved. Neonatal units can be an intimidating place. A colourful, beautiful vest will help to soften the clinical environment.

How quickly can I receive it?
We ship the next day as standard and can send directly to the parent’s address.

What size vest should I buy?
Babies come in different shapes, regardless of the weight, but please use the current weight of the baby and buy within this weight category from our shop.

Is a vest appropriate for my baby?
Our vests are designed by a premmie mama and a neonatal nurse to be the perfect first outfit for a baby in a hospital setting. Super soft, with no scratchy, bulky hems or seams, they work for even the teeniest premature babies.

What if my baby has wires/ feeding tubes/CPAP?
Our vests are designed to be wrapped around the baby (like a soft towel) rather than pulled over the head (like a jumper) so they are perfect for babies with wires on their bodies, hands, feet and also babies on breathing or feeding support.

How do you know what you are doing?
SuperDinky is a tiny company co-founded by a neonatal nurse (Beth) who has cared for early or sick babies for 12 years and by a preemie mum (Lorna) who had a baby at 31 weeks and struggled to find clothes for her baby or support and information for herself. Lorna has a background in ethical fashion design and joined Beth to start SuperDinky. 

Why are your vests not as cheap as supermarket ones?
All our vests are handmade (by Lorna) in Nottingham, UK in a tiny studio from 100% organic cotton in tiny batches to make sure they are high quality beautiful clothes which are planet friendly.

Why is an octopus your logo?
Read all about our little octopus buddy when you scroll down on this page.

Do you work with hospitals?
Yes, Beth still works as a neonatal nurse and loves her job taking care of babies and their families. If you work for a neontal unit and want to get in touch you can email us at

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