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Friends and family often find it tricky to buy a gift for a very early or premature baby, but it’s a beautiful way of showing support to the parents in what might be a difficult time. A new baby is always a cause for celebration, even if (especially if!) the baby is in intensive care and needing some extra help. 

Some neonatal units prefer not to have cuddly toys in the incubator for infection reasons. A SuperDinky vest or hat would be the perfect gift in the clinical environment. 

To order an NICU vest as a gift: 

  1. Ask the parents the current weight of their baby/ies

  2. Purchase a vest (or 2) in that weight in one of the joyful fabrics from our shop.

  3. Add a gift message at check-out 

  4. We will ship the item/s directly to the parents in beautiful wrapping

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