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If you purchase today your gift will be sent at the end of February to arrive in NICUs in time for Mother’s Day. 🌸🌺🌷💐

It can be hard to feel like a mum on Mother’s Day when your baby is in NICU so we want to show NICU mums that they are not alone!

By buying this "mother day - Gift my NICU" parcel, we will send neonatal staff at your hospital of choice a SuperDinky vest.

The neonatal staff will chose to gift the vest to a mum with low income, or someone that is really struggling emotionally and in need of a little boost of joy. It's like a hug in a box from one mum to another.


So far we have gifted ‘Gift your NICU’ (Tm) to Ukrainian refugees, Rainbow Mothers, babies in NICU for their first Christmas and twin parents where one baby has heartbreakingly died. We would love you to please help us reach more families.


To order, please leave your NICU's name in the comment box as well as any message you would like us to write on the gift card. For example, "We hope this vest brings you joy, love NICU graduate 2022 Chloe (580gms 27 weeks)"

If you don’t fill in the hospital box we will send your order to a hospital we have a relationship with where it will be gratefully received.

Your order confirmation email will list your home address but rest assured we will post directly to the hospital of choice.

Mother’s Day - gift your NICU

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