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Kelly's Story - Twins at 31 weeks

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

June 2020 was when my world changed in the best yet scariest way possible by having my identical boys at 31weeks. I had been scanned every 3 weeks because of lockdown. The day after my scan I went into labour to find my right twin was actually footling breach.

After my emergency section I was in recovery and after one hour my sister-in-law had to go and I was taken to my room where I was alone no family or babies. I was desperate to meet my two boys as only got to see one twin quickly before he was taken to neonatal.

When I did get to meet them, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have to say the staff at Edinburgh royal are amazing! All so kind and caring to babies and family! It was over the next few days I got into the swing of building confidence to do cares for my sons and ask to hold them.

At birth they were 4lb 4oz and 4lb. Absolutely tiny! I held one of them the next day but had a long 6 days to wait to hold his brother! The boys might have been tiny but they were definitely strong boys and I started to see them go from strength to strength.

While having premature babies was hard, being alone was harder. I’m a single parent and due to lockdown everything was limited. I was lucky my sister-in-law got to come in at 11 days old when they were together again in an open cot and I got to dress them for the very first time. A super special time and I was thankful to have someone there to take pictures for me!

Once together it was a little easier being there and establishing them feeding from myself and bottles. I would spend all day everyday beside them and loved the new app vcreate to get updates at home to keep me going!

I was pleasantly shocked to be told that they could come home just 23days after birth. That’s when the fun really started and has continued to since, while they thrive!

My advice to parents is to always talk about how you feel. Don’t hold anything in. Ask for help from family or take it when they ask. Also look after yourself as you need strength.


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