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Cody's Story - 31+5

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

In 2017 I was pregnant with Logan my first born, I had severe hypermises gravidum so was in and out of hospital at one point it was mentioned that my blood pressure was high. On August 17th I was admitted to hospital via my GP for protein in my urine and extremely swollen ankles, on the morning of august the 18th I woke up with a migraine that wasn’t going, I was administered iv painkillers and was told my baby was being born that day and would likely be extremely poorly, I was only 31 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

I wasn’t aware of neonatal and the ins and out. The local hospital immediately told me he wouldn’t be able to stay at that special care unit as they only take 32 weekers, so once born and stabilised he was transferred to Northampton general hospital without me due to me being extremely poorly.

2 days later and I met my gorgeous little baby in an extremely scary place once he was transferred back. He was a dinky 3lbs 9oz baby, covered in wires and tubes.

Luckily he was breathing on his own and doing everything he should until a week later when while laying on me vomited, the nurse was feeding him at the time and whisked him out of my arms back to intensive care, I followed him and nurses swarmed round Logan.

Luckily all was fine and he did everything he should to come out and come home 54 days later other then a few minor blips (wasn’t quite keen on his milk 😂)

I never felt like his mum in SCBU, I did it all alone through pregnancy and SCBU (and still do), it was scary holding and picking him up with all the wires and tubes and being super tiny.

My advice to other parents is to do as much as you can, you are still mum/dad to your babies, they are more resilient than they look.


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