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Cody's Story -31+3

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

So in 2020 I found out I was pregnant again with my second Finley, again not a smooth ride but this time I was under consultant care and checked on a lot.

Beginning of March end of February I was rushed into labour ward from my antenatal unit as they couldn’t locate Finleys heart beat, they managed to quickly locate this but his heart rate was high so they decided to give me steroids.

Fast forward a few weeks and I was in hospital due to hydrophonises (swelling of my kidney), they put me on a CTG and after a few minutes the midwife said I need to show the consultant, she came back and asked me to lie on my side and we tried again, she went back to the consultant and he authorised a transfer to Coventry hospital due to Finley’s deceleration on the CTG.

Once over at Coventry a few hours later, it was discovered I had pre-eclampsia again and needed magnesium (horrible stuff but helps baby, had the same with Logan) unfortunately despite them getting my pre-eclampsia under control, my liver then started to fail so a decision was made for Finley to arrive in the world at 31 weeks and 3 days, I wasn’t as worried this time due to knowing neonatal but I was also scared for the condition Finley would be in as I knew the risk with preemies.

Luckily Finley arrived at 9:27pm at 3lbs 2oz. He was as healthy as could be but again I couldn’t go down and meet him till 24 hours later due to being poorly myself in high dependency and needing more magnesium and other medicines.

The scary part with Finley was that 2 days after he was born he was put on cpap as he was doing something called marathon breathing (breathing really fast then stopping), so it was purely to help him but I’d never seen these tubes with Logan so I was petrified, but again he sailed through neonatal and we got transferred back to our neonatal unit as soon as he was well enough.

Luckily he’s ok now and thriving but it was still scary and worrying. He’s now 20 months old.

My advice to parents is to take it a day at a time and don’t compare journeys.

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