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Christmas with SuperDinky

We all know that Christmas should be a lovely time of year to spend with loved ones. We also know that for many people however, it can be a time filled with challenges. While we are delighted for parents who fill their social media with photos of little ones enjoying their first Christmas and other exciting milestones, it can be a painful reminder for parents with children in hospital what they are missing.

We understand that. Having a baby in NICU at Christmas is hard, you want to be with your baby, but also what to spend time with your family – and if you have other children, you will feel especially torn. You want to mark your baby’s first Christmas and want them to feel special, to include them when they can’t be at home.

SuperDinky was created for this very purpose. We want to bring you and your family some Christmas NICU joy by offering you the opportunity to dress you baby in their own tiny first Christmas outfit. We have included a special little message in each vest, a message from home, so you know they are wrapped up in love.

And if you want to spread the Christmas goodwill to all NICU/SCBU babykind, we offer our popular ‘pay in forward’ scheme. For families who are experiencing the heartache of having a baby (or babies) in NICU at Christmas, you can donate one of our beautiful vests to the NICU/SCBU of your choice. The lovely nurses will select a lucky family, who may be having a tough time financially or emotionally to receive it as a gift. We know from feedback, that parents are often profoundly humbled by the generosity of strangers who show such a powerful act of kindness. This will be especially significant at this time of year.

Please know that the neonatal unit staff will always try and make it special for you and your family if you are likely to be in or visiting NICU around Christmas.

Thank you for all your support for SuperDinky in 2022

Wishing you all a very peaceful & drama free Christmas

With Love

Beth & Lorna x


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